Ridge at Frisco
Signature Programs

Programs for Seniors

Balance Fitness

This very popular program is specifically designed for residents of varying cognitive and physical ability by Dr. Chuck McGlade, President of Ridgeline, and Patricia Endres, a Ridgeline Recreational Therapist. The fitness program improves core strength, resulting in better balance and fewer falls. We work with physical therapists and primary care physicians to report progress and improved functional fitness.


Ridgeline Management Company’s signature program, “Moments” is developed to meet the needs of each of our residents through all stages of dementia. The program maintains a safe and secure environment that fosters a sense of independence and well-being. It will improve residents’ self-esteem through meaningful activities designed around each person’s interests, talents, and abilities.

Kuzina! Dining - Coming Soon

Kuzina! Dining is a Ridgeline signature program, utilizing scratch cooking techniques, fresh local produce and incorporating resident favorites. The overriding goals of this approach are to cater to the requests of residents to achieve maximum satisfaction, to craft nutritiously rich and healthy meals created within budgetary guidelines, while maintaining sanitary food preparation practices.

Employee Recognition Programs

A resident reading a book with a cat in his lap at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas
A staff member helping a resident at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas
A staff member walking alongside a resident pushing a walker at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas
A man sitting next to a woman in a meeting and taking notes at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas
A staff member holding a coffee cup and smiling at a resident at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas
Four staff members with striped aprons in a kitchen at Ridge at Frisco in Frisco, Texas

Team Member Satisfaction Programs


Ridgetips provides each team member the opportunity to make a suggestion for employee retention or recognition, cost savings, resident satisfaction, or community promotion. Suggestions may be implemented as best practice throughout all Ridgeline properties. Team members who have a suggestion that is ultimately used at all properties are specially recognized and awarded.

Welcome Home

Our Welcome Home new team member experience allows each person the opportunity to learn about our Mission, Vision, and Values, and to discover for themselves the reasons they are inspired to work in a resident-directed environment where residents rule, and team members rock!

Please note, program availability may vary among communities.